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Rah Rah Announces the Hiring of Wayne Parkins as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

[October, 2021] — Rah Rah, a higher education technology company that provides a first-of-its-kind mobile-first Community Engagement System designed to create meaningful student experiences, announces the hiring of Wayne Parkins as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing. 

Parkins brings more than 20 years of higher education experience working with campus stakeholders to deliver innovative solutions contributing to the advancement of teaching, learning, enrollment growth, and retention. Most recently Wayne served as the Vice President of Sales with Element451, an admissions and enrollment platform, helping them grow their business significantly and firmly entrenching them in the enrollment management landscape. 


Rah Rah was built to serve the most important stakeholder on campus, the student. The solution enables each user to discover and access everything a campus provides in order to help them succeed that are often challenging to obtain based upon who they are, what they need, what their goals are and what they are interested in. 


Rah Rah’s mobile solution puts the entire campus into the palm of a student's hand. The more connected a student is, the more successful they will become. This simple, easy to use, and relevant tool unlocks the value a campus provides and uncovers an entirely new set of data for an institution to leverage, in real-time.


Founded in 2018, Rah Rah spent the first two and a half years of their existence conducting a design partner program with institutions across the nation to build the solution from the ground up with student, administrative, faculty and staff influence. Ensuring that the solution would exceed the expectations of each stakeholder and make a lasting impact in the long-term. Rah Rah is funded by Phil Wilmington, Vice Chairman of Workday and Dave Duffield, Co-Founder and Chairman of Workday and Founder of Peoplesoft. They are working with institutions of all types and sizes throughout the United States.


Co-Founder & CEO, Cooper Jones states “We couldn’t be more happy to welcome Wayne Parkins to the Rah Rah Family. We are fortunate to have seen a strong fit and impressive usage from our initial campus partners. Leveraging Mr. Parkin’s knowledge of the space, experience and overall demeanor we believe that we are in a strong position to help make college campuses across the nation more student centric, by enabling them to meet their students where they are with what they expect, a streamlined and user-friendly digital experience.”


“This is an exciting time for Rah Rah and their ability to help institutions meet their students where they are with what they expect and provide an easier, more simple way to find and access the myriad of resources schools provide for student success. Often the students that take advantage of these tools the most need them the least. Rah Rah wants to support institutions' goals of equitable access to resources designed to help them reach their academic and ultimately their career goals. I can’t think of a better mission to be associated with.” Said Wayne Parkins.





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