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Louisiana Tech University and RahRah Announce Campus Partnership for Fall 2021

Louisiana Tech students will return to a more connected and personalized campus experience than ever before. 


[NEW YORK, NEW YORK — August 2021] — RahRah and Louisiana Tech University will partner in Fall 2021 to increase access to resources and services, awareness of clubs, groups, organizations and events, and simplify navigation on campus. 


"In my 30 years of administration, one of the most critical aspects of student success is engagement,” said Sam Speed, Dean of Student Engagement and Undergraduate Recruitment. “RahRah gives us a great avenue to provide this connectivity for our students in a familiar format. Putting a path to success in the palm of each student’s hand, and simplifying the process for students and administrators alike, is an invaluable asset.” 

As students return to school in a mix of full-time, hybrid, or remote capacities, they will receive all the benefits that campus has to offer. Students can search for resources, book time with faculty and staff, find and RSVP for local events, and move around Louisiana Tech’s campus with a personal, annotated map. RahRah also provides personalized recommendations based on each student’s calendar, preferences, and in-app behavior. 


“Putting myself in the shoes of students, whether full time or part time, the ability to connect with the content I’m personally interested in makes everyone feel more connected to campus,”  Director of Student Activities, Wes Cavin said.


RahRah and Louisiana Tech plan to target more than just students living on campus. 


“Commuter students don’t have access to the same canvassing and opportunities other students receive,” Cavin said. “RahRah alleviates this pain point by helping us reach them wherever they are via their mobile devices.”

“The more students are engaged and connected, the more likely they are to complete their degrees.”

Wes Cavin


“Freshmen who don't belong to any groups have a lower probability of completing their degree than students who come in and get involved in student life,” Cavin said. “RahRah makes getting involved much more accessible and appealing to students because the app is designed with students in mind.”

For the mission-oriented RahRah team, the partnership provides an exciting opportunity to help over 12,000 students maximize their campus experience. 


“Louisiana Tech’s commitment to providing their students a seamless and equitable experience through advanced technology and improved data is a testament to their innovative culture and relentless dedication to further driving successful student outcomes,” said Cooper Jones, RahRah CEO and Co-founder. “This partnership brings both RahRah and Louisiana Tech one step closer to our shared mission of providing each and every student an individualized pathway to success by enabling them to find their sense of belonging and purpose. We could not be more humbled and motivated to be working with the Louisiana Tech team to make a lasting impact.” 

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RahRah is the first platform that puts all student life teams, resources, and opportunities in the hands of every student. The individualized solution helps each student’s experience feel as unique as their goals. Students can connect directly with administrators and book meetings with calendar and system integrations, and navigate campus with a dynamic, personalized map. Event listings empower students to find their community on campus, RSVP, and connect with leadership. 




Sarah Callaghan

SVP Marketing