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Release Notes - 9/30/22


  • Several accessibility changes have been made to make Rah Rah more user friendly for screen reader users.


Admin Directory

  • An issue causing intermittent crashes when filtering groups was fixed.

  • Several Android-specific bugs related to the Admin Directory have been resolved.


Behind the scenes

  • Enhancements were made to improve the application’s initial load time on iOS.



  • This release included several small front-end changes to the calendar interface to improve design and usability.

  • A bug related to recurring meetings with a high number of occurrences not showing correctly following a calendar sync has been fixed.

  • Several issues preventing calendars from syncing correctly have been resolved.

  • An issue preventing users from syncing their calendars on Android temporarily was resolved.



  • Design changes have been made to our rich text editor tool throughout the application.

  • Changes were also made related to text wrapping and expand/collapse tools throughout the application.



  • Per client requests, a Careers category has been added for events. Previously, there was only a Careers category for resources and groups.

  • A bug preventing Events from being created manually was fixed.

  • A bug related to toggling on and off event submissions in the administrator portal has been fixed.

  • Several bugs related to attendee status updates and event submission flows were fixed.



  • A bug that was temporarily preventing users from creating new groups was resolved.

  • Several bugs related to adding and editing the status of members and group leaders have been fixed.

  • Several bugs related to adding, editing and removing group and service keywords have been resolved.

  • Several bugs within the group creation flow specific to Android devices were fixed.



  • An issue causing image previews not to fully display within the content creation workflow has been resolved.



  • Several enhancements were made and bugs were fixed related to maps features on Android.



  • Resource service categories were updated to match our recently-updated Resource categories.

  • A bug preventing new resources from being manually created was fixed.

  • A separate issue preventing names of services from being edited in some cases has been resolved.

  • Some issues with administrators and group leaders adding availability on behalf of other users have been resolved.

  • An issue causing the app to crash due to editing office hours in some cases has been fixed.



  • An issue with events from outside the organization showing when filtering by time range has been fixed.



  • A bug where a refresh was required after topic creation before the details of a topic could be edited was resolved.

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