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Release Notes - 7/6/22


  • 16 accessibility issues were addressed, including text labels, item selection, and autofocus.


Admin Directory

  • In the admin directory, a bug relating to resources not sorting correctly by the date they were created has been fixed.

  • A separate bug causing users to not sort correctly by name has also been resolved.



  • A bug related to Microsoft Calendar Sync has been resolved, and all events should now import successfully.

  • A bug causing notifications to block some mobile navigation items on iOS has been resolved.



  • An error causing long load times when the “create event” button was pressed has been resolved.

  • A bug preventing some events pending approval from appearing correctly for administrators has been resolved.



  • An issue causing the app to crash occasionally when a member was added to a group has been resolved.

  • A bug preventing new group members from being added to groups in certain cases was resolved.

  • Titles on leader profile pages can now wrap to more than one line if they are too long.

  • A bug preventing prospective group members from appearing to group leaders in the members list has been resolved.



  • The homepage will now load more quickly, due to some optimization enhancements.



  • A bug causing an image placeholder to show in the background when transparent images were used for events, resources, and groups, has been fixed.



  • An issue with maps related to events with missing locations has been resolved.



  • A bug preventing users from linking notifications to topics has been resolved.



  • A bug intermittently preventing users from saving edits to a resource description page has been resolved.

  • An issue preventing certain changes to resource hours from saving has been resolved.

  • An issue causing an infinite loading loop when a non-leader, non-admin user was using certain resources has been resolved.



  • Pagination was added to Rah Rah search to help return search results more quickly.

  • Two separate bugs causing the “people” icon to appear stretched or skewed incorrectly have been resolved.

  • An issue causing no leaders to appear on the search results page for leaders until text was entered into the search bar has been resolved.



  • Rah Rah is now available on the AWS Marketplace.


Your Account

  • Enhancements were made to personalized recommendations within Rah Rah to make them more relevant and timely for users.

  • Users can now simultaneously be in both the student and employee audiences.


Behind the scenes

  • Rah Rah is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

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