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Release Notes - 6/9/22


  • Signing up for the first time now always redirects the user to a welcome page.



  • Fixed an issue where the search bar would render too close to the top of the viewport on mobile devices.



  • Fixed an issue where Event cards on the Home page would not display their start and end dates and times.



  • Events, Groups, and Resources without locations will no longer route to the map or display in the map.

  • "Get Directions" now opens Apple Maps or Google Maps on mobile devices.



  • Event Sponsors that are unpublished are no longer clickable.

  • Event Sponsor cards are now more responsive to longer Sponsor names.

  • A count of Event Attendees now displays properly on the Event page.

  • The list of Event Attendees is now more responsive and its header is better aligned.



  • Resources now support much longer titles for Resource Leaders.

  • Language adjustments for Resource analytics cards.



  • Locations for Groups, Events, and Resources within a Topic no longer display "Custom Location" when a custom location description is provided.


Behind the scenes

  • Performance improvements for heavy server loads.

  • Standardized our datetime library for improved performance.

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