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Release Notes - 5/13/22


  • Institutional logins now do not route to a welcome screen for non-partnered institutions.



  • Fixed an issue where searching did not match against search terms enclosed in parentheses.

  • Archived and Unpublished Groups are no longer visible from Search.

  • Fixed an issue where the results counter in Search > All would not scroll with the page content.



  • Significantly reduced load time for displaying external events.



  • Improved performance of Map on mobile.

  • Improved responsiveness of the <, X, and Get Directions buttons.

  • Disabled Open in Apple Maps.


Events, Groups, and Resources

  • Event, Group, and Resource images can now be removed without uploading replacement images; Placeholders will be displayed instead.

  • Fixed an issue where searching on non-alphabetical characters in Add Group Member and Add Event Attendee flows would crash the app.

  • Fixed an issue where some Sponsors could not be removed from Events.



  • Resource Leaders are now able to set their availabilities via the Resource detail page.

  • Significantly reduced load time for displaying available time slots when booking appointments.

  • Fixed a rare issue where selecting a “Repeat until” datetime while setting availability would occasionally crash the app.

  • Fixed an issue where an availability’s time period’s end time would not be set as expected once saved.

  • Fixed issues relating to setting and viewing Resource Hours across the app in Resource detail pages, Search, and Map.



  • Only Services connected to a Resource can be added to Topics.


Your Account

  • Fixed an issue where the Your Bookmarks page would overflow horizontally on smaller devices.

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