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Release Notes - 4/26/22


  • Validation messages now appear when a user tries to login with incorrect credentials.

  • Verification pin input now works as expected when a user is signing-up and when they are resetting their password.

  • Pin validation messages are now more helpful.



  • Carousels for Topics, Groups, and Your Resources are improved on the desktop web experience.

  • For admins and leaders, the Events control panel now only renders once.

  • Several responsiveness fixes for desktop web and style fixes for cards on the Home page.



  • All searchable leaders now route to the appropriate area when clicked.

  • Group categories no longer display multiple times for each Group list item.



  • Users are now able to delete their personal Rah Rah calendar events.

  • Calendar event titles are no longer cut off for shorter events.

  • Unpublished Events no longer display in a user’s calendar if they are an Event organizer.



  • The map now defaults to a central location per institution when the user is not sharing their location.

  • The “Your Day” filter now loads registered events and personal calendar events.

  • The map no longer crashes when the user has created or registered for events without locations.

  • Fixed an issue where the map would load the same Event multiple times and create unnecessary pin collections.

  • The map page no longer scrolls vertically on desktop web.

  • Several layout fixes for the bottom sheet, and the displaying of selection titles and filters.


Events, Groups, and Resources

  • Audience selection is now more user-friendly.

  • URLs can now be cleared when editing an Event, Group, or Resource.

  • Users are now able to skip adding location details when no location is provided and may instead add a URL immediately for virtual locations.

  • Event ticket scanning now works as expected on mobile devices.

  • Editing descriptions is now more stable on mobile devices.

  • Clicking on a Sponsored Event within a Group or Resource now routes to the Event as expected.

  • Sponsored Events displayed in Groups and Resources no longer cause horizontal scrolling issues on desktop web.

  • All edit overlays are now more stable (and behave as expected when multiple are opened) and contain accurate titles.

  • Fixed an issue relating to loading the map when choosing a location for an Event, Group, or Resource when the user is not sharing their location.

  • Fixed an issue where users editing an Event would be automatically added as leaders to that Event.

  • Fixed an issue where Resource Hours could not be updated once added.

  • Fixed an issue where registration start/end datetimes would be cleared when updating an Event.


Your Account

  • Event activity now displays properly within the Account → Your Activity area.

  • All Account → Settings pages have been re-styled to align better to existing style and responsiveness.

  • Give Feedback and Help pages are now more responsive on desktop web.

  • Your Activity → “View Event Submissions” now routes to the appropriate page.

  • Your Bookmarks → Groups now display their categories.

  • Non-leaders can no longer be bookmarked.



  • Membership status notifications are no longer duplicated.


Admin Directory

  • Pending Groups and Pending Events now load immediately.

  • Tabs no longer scroll the viewport horizontally.

  • Several style fixes for mobile and desktop web.



  • All analytics dashboards are now more responsive.

  • All analytics cards are now easier to read.

  • Group Analytics → Member Acceptance card no longer causes the viewport to overflow.



  • Cards on the home page now announce all relevant details to screen readers.



  • Many architecture and API improvements, enabling speedier testing, debugging, and releasing.

  • API documentation is now available for speedier integration work.

  • Several stability fixes across the app.

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