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Release Notes - 3/9/22


  • Push notifications are now sent for several notification types.

  • Clicking on notifications in-app or push-notifications on mobile devices will route you to the appropriate area of the app.

  • Users can now set their notifications preferences from within their Settings page.



  • The Map filtering experience is improved. Users may now choose to view Resources, Events, or their calendar events by selecting the relevant chip at the top of the Map page.

  • Users may now open selected map pins in an external map (Google Maps, Apple Maps).



  • Users are now able to manually subscribe to their Rah Rah Calendar from within their Outlook and Google calendars.

  • Improved onboarding experience when a user visits their Rah Rah Calendar for the first time.



  • The Rah Rah onboarding experience has been revamped to provide custom login/signup pages for our partner institutions – simply search for your campus and use the provided authentication methods.

  • Visual updates to better align with existing product design.


Events & Groups Statuses

  • Events and Groups can now be published immediately or be placed into a draft/unpublished state.

  • Statuses for Events and Groups have been reworded for clarity.



  • Users are now provided with recommended Events on their Home page. These are populated by user behavior – the events that they register for and attend, and the groups that they join.



  • Your Home page and Search page are now more accessible.



  • the Your Activity page now loads faster

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