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There’s a better way to engage students.

Students today expect a relevant, personalized, and connected campus experience. RahRah’s Community Engagement System provides a simple solution to give your students the inclusive and supportive experience they need to thrive.

Student success, simplified

RahRah integrates your entire campus so your students can enjoy a single, centralized, mobile experience that will help them create stronger connections between their work inside and outside of the classroom.

RahRah provides a personalized co-curricular path for each and every student and never stops learning and analyzing student data to provide them with relevant and meaningful engagement opportunities.

Engage your students

Personalized pathways

Suggest and connect high-impact experiences that support student learning and growth while taking into account individual preferences, goals, interests, availabilities, and more.

Digital credentialing & progress tracking

Track and record participation and progress toward digital credentials.

Powerful recommendations

Connect students with the right resources, events, and organizations at the right time.

Intuitive search technology

Better understand what students are looking for to guide them toward the relevant resource, office, or department.

Seamless appointment booking

Enable students to request and book appointments with every campus leader in a single place with the tap of a finger.

Simple daily organizer

Empower students to effectively plan and organize their busy lives with minimal effort so they can manage all their commitments while staying on top of assignment deadlines.

Achieve equity

Eliminate achievement gaps and increase efficacy of student success initiatives with proactive recommendations and a more holistic understanding of student engagement data.

Connect your campus

RahRah will enable your institution to integrate all your backend solutions with a single student-facing, mobile-first, frontend. Students will no longer need to navigate many different campus systems.

Empower your teams

Community management

See every single touch point for every single member of your campus community in real time.

Real-time data visualization

Know what is working for whom to make informed decisions about scaling your resources and campus programming.

Expand your reach

Enhance the town and gown relationship so that your community has a seamless experience no matter where they are.

Get a Demo

We’d love to show you how RahRah can help simplify student lives on your campus! Please enter your information below and we will reach out to set up a demo as soon as possible.

What institutions are saying

Campus pulse tracker

Measure your campus pulse by tracking students' micro interactions and involvement with everything you have to offer.

Proactive engagement opportunities

Don’t wait for an early alert to intervene. Recommend the right activities and resources to the right students, at the right time, from day one.