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Rah Rah is committed to supporting all users, regardless of their physical needs for interfacing with their devices. Our campus engagement mobile and web apps are designed with accessibility in mind, and evaluated against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) criteria before making Rah Rah available to customers.

In addition to providing functional support of accessibility criteria, Rah Rah shares with institutions its Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Rah Rah makes available both the VPAT WCAG and VPAT Revised 508 versions to customers upon request.

Rah Rah’s Approach

Accessibility is built into every step of our development process: From partnering with customers, to live testing, all the way through using Integrated Accessibility Testing tools that programmatically check our code before sharing.


Rah Rah periodically performs a self-assessment utilizing the Vendor Product Accessibility Toolkit (VPAT) which references the WCAG Version 2.1, Level A and Level AA success criteria as well as the Section 508 standards.


Get Support

For more information about Rah Rah’s accessibility features please reach out to:

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